December 8, 2010


December 2010

So, this particular doll is the Projected Weeping Angel. Technically, not from "Blink" but from "Time of the Angels". Through The Lens, it actually looks like a projection and not a solid plastic thing. Like when you watch TV and you see a computer screen somewhere, and the screen, well, blinks. I know why this happens. No idea how it works with the doll, though.

I used a tripod for all these photos. The light source is fluorescent light - the desk lamp. It's not exactly a spotlight, but it doesn't dissipate all over the place either. Also, easy to move around. Me likes.

As a side note, this was one of the very few times that the auto-focus proved useless. I had actually missed the process of focusing manually. (Good thing they were still scenes and I was in no hurry, though - because if you need to focus real fast with the Lumix... you can't. Or at least I can't.)